The Network

The Foundation

April 2017: a Memorandum of Understanding is signed in order to establish a territorial coordination so as to act locally with social innovation projects and services, firstly in the Treviso and Belluno area (Veneto region).


The signatories are the Utilities of the territory operating in the energy, waste, water, transport and social housing sector, as well as by  local authorities and public and private stakeholders.


The Business Network cannot include municipalities, or other local stakeholders, because they lack the legal status of “entrepreneur” requested by the italian law.

Therefore, an agreement for coordination with these entities has been defined so that they can systematically enjoy the benefits deriving from the activities performed in the territory.The first step taken by the TUNE Working Group is to study the organisational tool that best meets the common objectives and to identify the project areas to be developed.


November 2017: development of a Business Network between the Utilities, supported by an agreement between the latter and the other signatories of the Memorandum of Understanding, in order to implement projects in the territory.


February 2018: creation of the Business Network.

Players involved



Purposes and objectives


The Business Network is a tool that enables partners to:


  • effectively manage the participation to EU projects;
  • join the “Veneto Region Innovative Networks” as a sole subject and thus be much more effective in presenting and participating in calls for funding on innovation;
  • participate in national calls for innovation, social programmes, etc.


Governance between the parties and relations with the municipalities


The Business Network has established a Common Body (CB) with a representation role, entrusted to Ascotrade S.p.A., in charge of:


  • coordinating the parties in defining projects and their joint participation in calls for tenders;
  • submitting tender documents;
  • coordinating and managing the tenders won in compliance with the procedures agreed between the parties;
  • collecting, on a dedicated current account, the contributions granted by the calls for tenders, undertaking to transfer to each Network member the share of contributions to which it is entitled based on the percentages of participation identified on a case-by-case basis.


MODES of participation in the various projects: participation in the various projects can be VARIABLE-GEOMETRY on the basis of the different roles and commitments that the participants can offer based on their skills and interests; a different CB can also be appointed.


In any case, in order to maximise the chances of success, all the parties will join/ sponsor/ partner in the projects and those who do not participate actively will not have financial or operational obligations.


In conclusion, the Business Network is “inclusive” so that other participants can join.